Learn With No Limits

Learn With No Limits

This is learning with a different style. We teach tech no matter what the ability, putting the human touch into the online world.

Our Limitless workshops are available one to one or within a group setting.

Workshops – Groups

Beginner IT Workshop

This is aimed at complete beginners and aimed at Individuals, including vulnerable members of society. Offering basic skills, Keyboard and mouse and moving onto shopping online, communicating with others through Social Media, etc.

As part of the beginner course, we offer half an hour FREE tech support with each attendee.

E-Safety Courses Workshop 

This was designed from the ground up to get parents and teenagers talking about the online world and really educating each other about the dangers, it gets them thinking about what information they are giving away and how to protect themselves online. It’s a fun 2-hour session.

Universal Credit IT support Workshop

This is open to anyone who needs tech help.  This includes CVS from the ground up, getting people signed up to universal credit and helping them with computer skills so they can search for job opportunities online.

E-Learning – Online Courses

Once you have mastered the basics through our beginner course, eLearning can be great but it’s nice to have someone there to support you! This is why we teach more advanced courses online. Users have the ability with E-learning platform to access to subject at their own pace.

Beginner IT courses

This is an interactive course designed to teach people from the ground up the basic skills they need to survive online. This course compliments the group sessions so even after the course has been completed.  The user can refer back to it on out eLearning platform. They can also sign up for other courses if they wish to progress further    

E-Safety Courses

These courses are designed to be flexible they can be done with a parent and child online in the comfort of their own home. Or if they wish they can join me in a group session and we can make it fun and interactive. The courses are taught differently from most online safety courses, From a unique perspective. 

Cyber Security and Backup 

This course is from the perspective of a computer engineer and teaches everything from password security to backing up your computer. It covers online breaches and ways to keep ahead of the online fraudsters.