Android Guide



2.0 Basic Functions

2.1 How do I switch it on?

2.2 How to turn off your phone’s screen?

2.3 Where are all my apps?

2.4 How to do voice search?

2.5 How to do a text search?

2.6 Where is my setting I want to change something?


1 Welcome

Smartphones have taken over our world; playing an important part in our life like scheduling task, taking snaps or chatting with friends and family. But it is no surprise that everyone comes across a time, at least once, when they struggle with using android due to its complexity. Despite several versions of Android, from Samsung to Oppo to Sony to Nokia to Google, all having some customized user interfaces, most of them have similar basic features. Since Android is Google’s property, you’ll need to setup a Google account. Your Gmail account is your Google account. If you do not have one, you can sign up for one.

To prep you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide so that you can take advantage of your android phones to its fullest.

2 Basic Functions

2.1 How do I switch it on?

You can switch on your smartphone by pressing the power button for about 5 seconds or until your screen lights up.

The power button is usually found on the side of your android. It can be on either side.

2.2 How to turn off your phone’s screen?

To save your cellphone’s battery, it is preferable to turn off your phone’s screen when not in use. You can do that by pressing the power button.

Please remember holding the power button for too long could initiate switching off, hence you need to press the power button for hardly a second.

2.3 Where are all my apps?

To get started, you can start using your apps. You can find all of your apps when you press “Apps” button or in some other phones, “Menu” on your starting page.

Few of the android phones will show your apps on the starting page so you can get started right away.

2.4 How to do voice search?

Before you can start doing a voice search, you will have to first record your voice for Google to recognize it. You can do it by following steps.

  1. On your Android phone, open the Google app.
  2. At the bottom right, tap More Settings Voice.
  3. Under “Okay Google,” tap Voice match.
  4. Turn on Access with voice match.

Once you have set up your voice recognition, you can say “Ok Google” and then ask to search for whatever you want to look for. Please do keep in mind to say it out clearly. Google voice search may misheard your search words due to different accents but that is nothing to be worried about. Just practice speaking clearly.

2.5 How to do a text search?

2.5.1 Online Text Search

When you are searching for some keywords or key phrases, you might want to quicken your finding speed by tapping on the menu (it looks like three dots stacked up). When the menu opens, select “Find in Page” option and type in your search words with the keyboard.

2.5.2 Offline Text Search

If you are searching for some keywords or key phrases, in a file that is available to you offline, the method is a bit different. You search by tapping on the search (it looks like a small magnifying glass). When the search opens, type in your search words with the keyboard.



2.7 How to update your android or tablet’s software?

2.8 How to use the Play Store?

2.9 How to update your apps?

2.10 I am out of space, how can I get more?

2.11 How does the memo work?

2.6 Where is my setting I want to change something?

You want to change settings to your android or your tablet? Like fonts?

  1. Click on “Apps”.
  2. Select “Settings” and change whatever settings you want to.

2.7 How to update your android or tablet’s software?

Google updates its software time-to-time and it is better to update your android and tablet’s software along with it. To update the software, you must be connected to WiFi.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Software Update. (Some android/tablet have this setting in “About Phone” which is at the bottom of the settings menu.
  3. Tap Download updates manually. If an update is available, an Update button will appear. Tap it.
  4. Install. You’ll see Install Now, Reboot and install, or Install System Software. Tap it.

2.8 How to use the Play Store?

Google Play Store is the place where you can download different apps on to your phone and tablet. To use Google Play Store, you must be connected to WiFi.

  1. Open up the Google Play Store.
  2. Consider searching for specific items instead.
  3. Click on the item that interests you.
  4. Click on “Install” to download an app onto your device.
  5. Purchase or rent books, movies, music, and other media.


Choose a category if you wish to browse.

2.9 How to update your apps?

Apps do also get updated in a timely manner to solve any problem that may occur in its previous version. To update the already downloaded apps, follow the following steps.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. Tap Menu My apps & games.
  3. Select the app you want to update.
  4. If there are more than one app to update, you can simply select “Update all”.

2.10 I am out of space, how can I get more?

Running out of memory? Tends to happen everyone. You can either buy a memory card (SD card) with a lot more memory space or you can clear app cache or data storage

  1. Open your device’s “Settings”.
  2. Tap “Device maintenance“ on the Settings menu.
  3. Tap “Storage”.
  4. Tap the “CLEAN NOW” button.
  5. Tap one of the file types under the “USER DATA” heading.
  6. Select all the files that you want to delete.
  7. Tap “DELETE”.

2.11 How does the memo work?

Adding a new memo

You want to write something up so that you will not forget it later, but you can not find your notebook or diary beside you. You can straight ahead write it into your memo.

  1. Open “Apps”.
  2. Tap on “Memo”.
  3. Tap on “Add new” (looks like an add symbol)
  4. Start typing whatever you want to. If you want to add drawing, image or voice recording, you got the option.

Sharing or deleting a memo

If you intend to share or delete your memo, you just simply have to tap and hold on to the memo that needs to be deleted. After a few seconds, your option to share and delete shows up.


3 Security

3.1 How can I secure my android or tablet so that only I can use it?

3 Security

3.1 How can I secure my android or tablet so that only I can use it?

Having privacy is our right as a human but in today’s world, we ought to take some steps to make sure no one is invading our privacy. Likewise, you would need to secure your device so that only you or the people who you want to share it with can use it.

  1. Go to “Settings” and tap on “Screen lock type” in the menu.
  2. You can choose whatever type of security you want to have. It can be a pattern, pin, password`or your fingerprint.
  3. Select your desired option and set up your privacy.

People tend to forget their password(s), so I would suggest you to write your password in your memo but do not make it too obvious that the memo consists of your android’s password.


4 Connectivity

4.1 Getting connected to WiFi

4.2 Mobile Data

4 Connectivity

4.1 Getting connected to WiFi

Having an android has its perks which includes having your own portable library; internet. But to use the internet you must have WiFi connection. To set up your WiFi connection, follow the following steps:

  1. Tap the “Settings” and select “Connections”.
  2. Tap “Wi-Fi”.
  3. If Wi-fi is already ON, skip step#1 and 2.
  4. The device will automatically search for available networks.
  5. If prompted, enter the network password and tap “CONNECT”.
  6. The device is now connected to the Wi-Fi network.

4.2 Mobile Data

When you are outside and the place you are at does not offer free Wi-Fi then you are left with no choice but to use your mobile data. Switching on your mobile data is pretty much similar to switching on your wifi. Although using your mobile data for a very long period of time could affect your device’s battery life.

  1. Go to “Settings” and select “Connections”.
  2. Tap on “Data usage”.
  3. Tap the “Mobile data” switch to turn on or off.



5.0 Email

6.0 Camera

7.0 Calendar

8.0 Sharing

5 Email

5.1 How to access email?

The era of snail is so over, now email has pretty much taken over. To set up your email account so that you can virtually connect to people, follow the following instructions:

  1. Tap “Apps” from Home.
  2. Tap “Email” to launch the app.
  3. From the Inbox screen, tap “Menu”.
  4. Select “Settings”.
  5. Tap “Add account”.
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete setting up your new personal email account.

6 Camera

6.1 How does the camera work?

Taking a picture and changing settings

It is the selfie era and the androids manufactured nowadays have pretty much the same image quality as a DSLR. Excluding the image quality, you also get to choose stickers and filters to enhance your pictures.

  1. Tap “Apps” from Home.
  2. Tap “Camera” to launch the app.
  3. Tap on the middle circle to take a photo or on the left circle to record a video.
  4. Go to “Settings” (a small wheel on top right).
  5. Make whatever changes that you want and save it.

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6.2 Where are my pictures?

You can find your pictures and videos by navigating to “Apps” and then tapping “Gallery”.

6.3 Getting photos of the tablet and onto a PC.

  1. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable, and your computer will recognize it as a removable USB drive.

  1. Drag down Notifications panel from the top of your android screen, connect as “Media device(MTP)”. Click “OK” when the “Allow USB debugging” popped out.
  2. Ensure Samsung Galaxy S7’s drive installed successfully on your computer. Open the Portable Devices and find “DCIM”, where all the photos saved.
  3. Select and copy the pictures that you want to transfer from your Samsung Galaxy S7 to your computer.

7 Calendar

7.1 Calendars, what is that for?

Calendars come in handy all the time, especially since it has been integrated with our cell phones. Now you can easily save the date for an event or set up a remainder for someone’s birthday and stuffs.

Adding an event

To add an event to your mobile’s calendar, you simply have to

  1. Tap on “Apps” and go to “Calendar”.
  2. If you want to add an alarm for an event, tap on “Add new event” (the big circle on the bottom right).
  3. Fill up the details and you can even choose to be reminded yearly if it is someone’s birthday or your wedding anniversary.
  4. Once you are done, simply tap on “Save”.

Changing settings of calendar

Sometimes we just want to change some settings of calendar like organizing events as work or personal, managing calendars, syncing your calendar with your desktop PC or laptop.

To change your settings of calendar:

  1. Tap on “More” (the three dots stacked on top right of your calendar).
  2. There you can choose to search for any event or reminder, manage your calendars, sync your calendar or change settings like ringtone.

8 Sharing

8.1 How to share a picture with someone next to you?

You capture a picture and you decided to share the same picture with someone sitting next to you. There are numerous of ways of sharing your pictures with anyone near or far.

Using Android Beam

For someone who is sitting right next to you, android phones with Android 4 or above versions can simply do that using Android Beam.

  1. Go into the “Settings” on both devices.
  2. Switch on NFC on both.
  3. Navigate to the photo you want to share.
  4. Hold your device back-to-back with another Android device, and you should see the option to “Touch to beam.”
  5. If you want to send multiple photos then long-press on a photo thumbnail in the gallery app and select all the shots you want to share.

Using Bluetooth

Another way of sharing images with someone sitting close to us is via bluetooth.

  1. Go into the “Settings” on both devices.
  2. Switch on bluetooth on both.
  3. Navigate to the photo you want to share.
  4. Select the device to whom you want to share your pictures with.

8.2 How to send a picture to a friend or family member?

Using Google Photos app

You can share with family, friends, and other people if they are in your contacts list or by adding their phone numbers or email address.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app.
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Select a photo, an album, or a movie.
  4. Tap Share.
  5. Tap Type a name, phone number, or email or select people to share with. If you’re part of a family on Google with at least 2 other people, select Family group to share with your family members.
  6. You can add a message, then tap Send. To manage these messages, go to the activity log.

Note: If you share an album that automatically adds photos of face groups, anyone with the album link can see photos as they’re added.