We get asked a lot what the best out there, so we decided to put together a page

We get asked on a daily basis what do you recommend, what is good to use?  So we put together a page of the products we love the most, and use every day in our business; so you can save time and money in yours! We have hunted the internet and tried out various products and services, and, narrowed the list to the ones we found most reliable!  


When it comes to online threats you need the best out there to protect yourself.  Leaving your machine unprotected is a disaster waiting to happen. You are open to thieves and hackers. Free antivirus is better than no antivirus. But the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”; paid antivirus has a ton of extra security features that give you that extra peace of mind. Make sure all your devices are protected Mobile phone, Computers, Tablets Etc

Internet security / Antivirus & Security

 Kaspersky™ Total Security, our Ultimate security, helps you do more to ensure all your devices are protected so you can surf, shop & socialise more safely. Our award-winning security helps you to safeguard your privacy, money, photos, files and precious memories from today’s online dangers – and Kaspersky Safe Kids gives you new ways to secure your kids’ digital lives… on their PCs, Mac computers, iPhones, iPads and Android phones & tablets.


Kaspersky™ Internet Security 1 Year 1 Device

£17.49 a Year!

VPN (Virtual private Network)

If you are running a business online or just want an extra layer of safety when shopping or surfing the internet you can’t go wrong with a VPN.

It’s a service that hides you from thieves and hackers, keeping your surfing private from companies tracking you. Keep your online activity hidden with the best VPN services. There are no logs and encrypts your traffic, so your data stays safe and private.

NordVPN 1-Year Subscription

Private Internet Access 1-Year Subscription

Web Design and free resources

The best way to get started in web design is do your research first! get everything you need in one place first. Just be careful you use legal images and an easy to use interface!


Best online services

Graphic Design

Web page design


Web Hosting starts from only £30

If you need to get your email and websites sorted look no further than this hosting company. Really easy to setup and get started and 24/7 Support.


Fiverr Design on a budget

Sometimes you just need to get a professional to take care of that graphic design project or website build, leaving you free to focus on other projects. Click the link above to see some of the best we have used.



All our graphics and social media has been created on fiverr by this multi-talented person! if you need social media banners! Click logo to get started.



10-page website setup in as little as 7 days. We used baljeetuppal to build our teaching tools website and was very impressed with the result.

Free Resources

Pexels Royalty Free Images

If you need Images for your Social media or just an image for that design you are working on this site is great

Pixabay Royalty Free Images

Another great site for your Social media or just an image for that design you are working on!

Photopea / Photoshop Free!

If you need photoshop But cant afford it look no further than PhotoPea its an online version you can use for FREE!

Elementor for WordPress

This has to be one of the best drag and drop website builders out there!! This entire website was built with it. Super easy for beginners

Website page optimization


Google page Speed Insights

You built your website it looks amazing!! But it takes a a week to load! This is where google insights comes in handy. Just type in your website and it will give you a report on how to fix it!!!


Why No padlock?

You have bought your SSL Padlock for your website and installed it! But for some reason it shows up as not safe! This website can show you what you need to do in order to fix it!!

Keyword tool

If your website is performing badly with no traffic, maybe its time to look at some Keyword tools to see if you can improve your ranking. By using phrases people are searching for every day you can get noticed!


Screaming Frog SEO Tool

This is very similar to the keyword tool. It looks at your website in more detail and shows you where you can make improvements! Plus there is loads on YouTube on how to get the best out of it!!

Please Note: This page does contain links that we get a small commission from should you choose to purchase through us. All the money goes back into our Community Interest company to help us give free support to our community!


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