Life With No Limits

This was founded for people with additional needs or for those who have a physical disability.

The concept behind it is to get their existing technology to function better or to put tech in place to make life easier. We do this by conducting home visits and assessing their specific tech needs. We use commercial and bespoke technology dependent on the needs.

Outside the box thinking, sometimes traditional approaches to an issue don’t work, which is why we created ‘Life with no limits’ as part of the LWNL assessment we use outside the box thinking. Coming up with innovative solutions that give both freedom and confidence to our client.

We help every Step of the way!

The following steps outline the process which takes on average 2 working days, from assessment to completion

Step 1

We listen to the client/family and understand their needs (Home or Video Calls are available)

Step 2

Visit the clients home/workplace to do the initial technology assessment

Step 3

Outline within a report which technology we would recommend to accommodate the clients needs.

Step 4

Make modifications to suit clients’ needs at home/workplace

Step 5

An evaluation report with solutions is then provided to the client/agency

Step 6

We implement the chosen technology solution; this is costed bespoke as its dependent on the technology required.

Package Rates

The various costs are to create bespoke packages directly with individuals or through an appointed agent. On average this takes around 2 days to complete, with implementation costed separately dependent on the technology solution.

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Life With No Limits